Urban Mobility and the innovations Dubai (EAU)

By Renata Veríssimo – Dubai, 21 -24 November 2016

Organized by UITP and the Road & Transport Authority, the United Arab Emirates Week of Innovation happened from November 21 to 24 in modern and tourist Dubai. The opening event was the 1st Forum on Innovation in Urban Mobility that brought together 9 countries from Europe, Asia, Africa and South America and happened at The Royal Mirage Dubai. The Metropolitan Area of São Paulo (RMSP), one of the 10 largest in the world, was addressed in the talk of the journalist Renata Veríssimo (myself), Strategic Communications Advisor of the Metropolitan Urban Transport Company (EMTU / SP) and member of the UITP Marketing Commission.

It was amazing and a challenge to talk in English about innovation in public transport. It was my first time. In the future I intend to speak fluently without reading the text. I really love this theme.

The meeting was the second for the preparation of the first guide on innovation in urban mobility conducted by the UTIP, sponsored by RTA and Future Cities Catapult´s research. The guide will bring information from 30 cities on all continents.

Most countries have shown how important it is for the development of public policies on urban mobility to institute metropolitan authorities, such as Dubai and Barcelona. It became clear that using the Big Data concept is a no-go way to streamline journeys, facilitate access, market tickets, retain public transport customers and active urban mobility. Integrate public transportation with car-sharing, bike-sharing, car-sharing services, such as Ally, Uber, Cabify; inserting “clean” technologies and encouraging the people to use non-motorized vehicles or to walk is a common feature in most countries that take people back and forth seriously.

In the material presented on the RMSP, it was clear that EMTU/SP and the Government of the State of São Paulo make investments in technological improvements that allow advances in public transportation: Hydrogen buses, the Management and Supervision Center (CGS) – monitoring in Real time urban bus, payment of bus tickets by approach and the first Light Rail Vehicle in Brazil, between the municipalities of Santos and São Vicente, in the Metropolitan Region of Baixada Santista (RMBS).

Then there was a technical visit to the rails transport system in Dubai. The Dubai Metro and Tramaway are modern, clean and organized. Communication with users/clients is very efficient. Due to the desert heat the air-conditioned walkways of the Dubai Metro offer us a pleasant thermal sensation. There are no blockers at Tramway stations. The tickets of the two systems are charged by zones and have a minimum value of 3.00 AED (Dirhams), equivalent to 2,80 Reais. In all seasons there is free wi-fi available.

On 23/11, the Workshop on Innovation in Public Transport, organized by UTIP-Mena and the Federal Transport Authority (FTA) of the United Arab Emirates, brought together only Barcelona and São Paulo and also featured a talk by Mohamed Mezghani, Vice Secretary General of UITP, who presented a clear and current vision on world urban mobility.

Thank you Karine Sbirrazzuoli, Mohamed Mezghani, Anju Gomes, Ayman Smadi, Eleonora Pazos, Fernando Caires, Joaquim Lopes, Arthur Xavier, Jurandir Fernandes, EMTU´s employees.

Publicações na UITP latin America

Below all presentations:

Abuja Nigéria

Barcelona, Espanha

Casablanca, Marrocos

Dubai, Emirados Árabes Unidos

Helsinki, Finlândia

Istambu, Turquia

Johanesburgo, África do Sul

São Paulo, Brasil

Viena, Áustria

UITP – Bruxelas, Bélgica

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