Integrated knowledge

By Renata Veríssimo Versão em Português It was absolutely inspirational! The HACKEMTU, organized by EMTU/SP, startup Scipopulis and University of Campinas (Unicamp) in the last weekend (April, 7-8) showed us how it is possible to exchange high level knowledge in Public Transport with young companies and ambitious business minded students. The HACKEMTU was an action […]

Change is the word!

The Sector Public requires transformation! Versão em Português! The Manifest of Rosario, signed on October 5, 2017 by the members of International Association of Public Transport (UITP) Latin America, in Argentina, proposes to the transportation community: CHANGE. And with this change, TRANSFORMATION must happen! The declaration, signed by Alain Flausch, the Deputy Secretary General of […]

Innovation is a state of Mind!!!!

By Renata Veríssimo July 1st of 2017 Do you know that idea that comes from nowhere? Or that moment when you can feel or thought something transforming? That’s it… This is can be the begin of the innovation. And who knows? It has no way, unless the process of innovation being part of their daily […]

Innovation is contextual…

By Renata Veríssimo – Montreal – 15-17 May 2017 – I imagined that it would be like this. Everything in the same time, lots of discussions, many ideas and possibilities of innovation in the public transport. Big Data, Open Data, Design Thinking guiding the adjustments in the managements processes, increasingly horizontal, sharing of data and […]

Taking care our vulnerable users

The Empresa Metropolitana de Transportes Urbanos of São Paulo (EMTU/SP), is controlled by Government of State of São Paulo, linked to the Secretary of Transport Metropolitan (STM). Its main tasks are to supervise and regulate the Metropolitan Transport medium and low capacity in the six Metropolitan Regions of São Paulo: São Paulo, Campinas, Sorocaba, Santos, […]

The first tramway of Brazil

The operation of the Tramway Baixada Santista started in April 2015. Currently, between Barreiros, in São Vicente, and Porto de Santos, in Santos, the system has 9 of the 15 stations planned, in 6.5 km of extension. A modern operational control centre was delivered in June 2016. The population of the nine municipalities of Baixada […]

VLT of São Paulo is coming

By January 2016, the first Light Rail Vehicle (VLT) from Brazil will be operating on special schedule in the State of São Paulo. I will show you how the stations are beautiful and say some news about it. The winner of public auction, BR Mobilidade, will be operating the system, probably between 9 am and 4 […]

Campaign The future of the Light Rail Vehicle is coming – 2013

The citizens from Baixada Santista, in São Paulo State, have received informations about Light Rail Vehicle (VLT – Veículo leve sobre trilhos))since August 2013, when the Empresa Metropolitana de Transportes Urbanos (EMTU), a company belonging to the State of São Paulo Government, published the integrated communication campaign The future of the Light Rail Vehicle is […]