Integrated knowledge

By Renata Veríssimo

Versão em Português

It was absolutely inspirational! The HACKEMTU, organized by EMTU/SP, startup Scipopulis and University of Campinas (Unicamp) in the last weekend (April, 7-8) showed us how it is possible to exchange high level knowledge in Public Transport with young companies and ambitious business minded students. The HACKEMTU was an action by ELAB – Experiments in Transport, the metropolitan lab of EMTU, which intend to become a hub of integrated knowledge in the sector as a driver of innovation for metropolitan urban mobility.

The event happened in the Scientific and Technologic Centre of Unicamp, in Campinas, São Paulo State. It met more than 130 technicians, engineers, designers and developers for presenting solutions for sustainable urban mobility with public transportation in the center of the actions.

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The solution presented by Vila Oculta Hacka Group winner the competition and one of their members, is going to United Arab Emirates in current month to participate the 2nd Global International Hackathon Dubai 2018. After 34 hours the group suggested an app in which bus users will can to support to EMTU in its inspection in real time, using artificial intelligence. The codes created will be able to treat massive information about operational routine. Jordão Bragantini will be the lucky one to participate in the Global Hackathon with representants from other 25 countries.

An initiative of Youth For Public Transport Foundation (Y4PT), International Association of Public Transport (UITP) and the ELAB – Experiments in Transport, the metropolitan innovation laboratory of EMTU, the HACKEMTU received support from more than ten significant companies of public transport sector and the Seade Foundation.

Roberto Speicys (Scipopulis) and Octávio Vasques (Datalab of Serasa Experience) showed that is possible to make managment of public transport in dynamic way, after the companies had integrated and analyzed socio-economic anonymized data from inhabitants in São Paulo City and the historical data from Public Transport Municipality System. The results are unbelievable. Eva Furtado (Scipopulis), Master in Communication for ECA-USP, offered suggestions about how is easy to produce a presentation to some pitch if you pay attention in simple stuffs, as colors, quantity of slides and the time.

Correntlly, the ELAB – Experiments in transports has been working with four teams from different universities. One of the projects, Milênio Bus, which is counting the passengers after they pass by bus door, and this information is uploaded in real time by an app, has just won the HackBrazil, in the Brazil Conference at Harvard & MIT.

Numbers of HACKEMTU:

Registries: 189

Participants: 59

Groups: 14

Duration: 34 hours

Professional Engagement: + 70 people

Business Engagement + 10

Institutional Partners: UITP and InovaUnicamp

Open Data Partners: EMDEC (Campinas) and Seade Foundation

Sponsors: PRODATA Mobility Brasil, Autopass, Fresp, Transfretur

Sectoral Integrations: Public Transport; Academic and Ecosystem of Innovation

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