Innovation is a state of Mind!!!!

By Renata Veríssimo

July 1st of 2017

Do you know that idea that comes from nowhere? Or that moment when you can feel or thought something transforming? That’s it… This is can be the begin of the innovation. And who knows? It has no way, unless the process of innovation being part of their daily life. And this glimpse of idea may not come to anything, but it will certainly allow you to keep trying. Because we´re like that, we never shut down, we never give up. The human being has in their“DNA”a spark to move on. Then, why to leave the moment to create at the expense of doing the same thing always.

Innovation is a state of mind! I woke up one day and that phrase came to mind. And then, after few days thinking about it, I noticed that, actually, this is my feeling in relation the innovation.

At the end of June-2017, I participated in the InovaDay, an event organised by Vanzolini Foundation and the Government of State of São Paulo. Beside me was Ana Sarkovas, from the company Empresa B, and Janaína Rueda, award-winning chef and owner of the Bar da Onça, one of the most respectable restaurant in São Paulo. Assista ao vídeo.

It was incredible! I told the audience what the Empresa Metropolitana de Transportes Urbanos (EMTU/SP) has been doing. We are going to implement a culture of innovation into the company. In fact, this makes us very enthusiastic about the possibility of finding solutions to the daily challenges of a metropolitan system on tires and rails, in the case of the LRT between Santos and São Vicente, in the Baixada Santista of São Paulo, one of the six metropolitan areas of State of São Paulo.

Since the 1ª Hackathon Metropolitan EMTU-METRA happened, in March of this year, we were looking to find ways to bring us more and more technologies and more solutions for “our pains”, as innovation experts say. The creation of an innovation laboratory was certain.

But how to leave this initiative perennial? Was created then the Center of Partnerships + Innovation of EMTU. By this center, Coordinated by a coalition of employees of several areas of the company, it will be possible to moving on with the lab, which temporary name is [E] LAB – Experiments in Transports. The center will also be responsible for opening data.

Everything new and different! The room where the lab will work still looks like an office room, but no problem, what really matters is the content that will be between in those walls. Rosemeire Zilio e Alberto Jr helped me in the arrangement of this, which will be the reference space for innovation in the metropolitan regions of São Paulo, soon. The [E] LAB – Experiments in Transports launched last July 3rd.

As my friend Ivo Pons of startup Scipopulis, usually say, I really hope that this laboratory dies soon. It will be mean that the creative process of innovation will be present in the every initiatives from EMTU/SP.

And rapidly, we are going to open the metropolitan operation data and have them available on our site. Anyone, developers, educational institutions, will drink from this metropolitan source of transportation. And let´s go the Innovation Metropolitan Community of Public Transport, which the first meeting will be in 13-06-2017, at Mackenzie University, in São Paulo. Excited, optimistic! Later I will say more!

And let´s embrace the new, because the innovation is a state of mind. #UMii #EmtuInnovation @nataverissimo

Versão em portugues

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