VLT of São Paulo is coming

By January 2016, the first Light Rail Vehicle (VLT) from Brazil will be operating on special schedule in the State of São Paulo. I will show you how the stations are beautiful and say some
news about it. The winner of public auction, BR Mobilidade, will be operating the system, probably between 9 am and 4 pm. The future of the Light Rail Vehicle is comming. This new modal in Brazil is beeing built by the State Government of São Paulo between cities Santos and São Vicente . The operation will start with 9 stations, 7 vehicles; 6,5 kilometres of track permanent and Electronic Ticketing System (SBE in Portuguese).

It will be able to transport more than 3 thousand passengers per hour; will have 5,3 minutes for headway, commercial speed of 23.4 km/h and 16 minutes travel time between the A point to B point. We hope that this modal, considering it is one of the best public transport for small and medium-sized cities, is able to effectively improve mobility in these cities.

published on http://www.uitp.org – October 22, 2015

Please disregard any error, I am still studying the language.


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