Campaign The future of the Light Rail Vehicle is coming – 2013

The citizens from Baixada Santista, in São Paulo State, have received informations about Light Rail Vehicle (VLT – Veículo leve sobre trilhos))since August 2013, when the Empresa Metropolitana de Transportes Urbanos (EMTU), a company belonging to the State of São Paulo Government, published the integrated communication campaign The future of the Light Rail Vehicle is coming. This new modal in Brazil is being built by the State Government of São Paulo between cities Santos and São Vicente.

The campaign was developed by Contexto Agency and the promotions by MR Promoções. The mix of those companies provided an excellent results. The EMTU held further than usual to explain a new modal from public transport in Brazil.

It bought advertisements on Radio, TV, Internet and in the main newspapers from Baixada Santista. Furthermore it created cultural contest, actions with specialized bloggers in urban mobility and the street artists. But the most important action which produced a large impact in those cities it was the construction of station scenic of Light Rail Vehicle.

The campaign happened between July of 2013 and March of 2014. It was intense, gratifying and a learning experience.

The numbers of integrated communications campaign were amazing. More than 26 thousand people visited the station scenic, a replica of the real station and a mockup from the vehicle.

The contest website to choose the design that represents the VLT in both cities received more than eight thousand visitors. There were almost 50 thousand flyers distributed to the citizens during a year. After that the population began to reduce their doubts about how it will work the new modal, which will start operating in January 2016.

Please disregard any error, I am still studying the language.


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